Artelier Furnishing

The pioneers at Artelier are individuals who shared a common passion for beautiful spaces. We all believed that everyone should want to wake up to a space you created and come home to a space you love and we wanted to share this.

Our aspirations were realized in 1983 with the creation of Artelier Furnishing Pte Ltd, a fabric boutique. It was an establishment that allowed us to do all the things we love. To be surrounded by fabrics that excite our senses, to be inspired by colors, patterns and textures and to build interiors for others that we too would love to come home to.

We have been fortunate to help turn properties into homes. We are believers that beauty and style has little to do with money, but much to do with how you feel and how you desire to live.

Home after home and not to long after were invited to work on public spaces. This quickly progressed into a long portfolio of commercial, hospitality and institution soft furnishing works.

To meet the growing demands of the international market, Artelier (Shanghai) CO.Ltd was formed.

Photo source: Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa Resort